Preschool 2

All About Horses!
January 2020


In October the children’s interest and quest for learning about Horses began and so did our Horse project. After furthering our knowledge and answering the children’s questions we were beginning the completion of our project. On January 10th we went on our field study trip to Run 2 You Stables. The owner of the stables Amanda Clayfield was so excited to provide the children with hands on learning opportunities.

We all sat down on hay bale benches she made for us. Amanda talked about the horses and other animals she has on the farm and how to take care of them. She asked who would like to learn how to brush a horse and then modeled and explained where to stand, such as the sides of the horse so they can see us. As well as where not stand, which is behind the horse because they might startle if they cannot see you. Amanda showed us how to gently brush the horses so we didn’t hurt or startle them. Amanda introduced everyone to a Horse named Tornado (got his name because he likes to spin) and tied him up in front of a stall for Lisa’s group to brush. Then brought out a pony named Pepper for Kathleen’s group to brush. Each child was able to pick a brush and then they slowly walked over to the Horse or Pony to brush their shiny coats.


Brushing a horse


After the lesson on proper care and grooming, we went to watch the main event. Horse Jumping! We walked over to a second building called an Arena which is where all the horse jumping takes place. Horse jumping peaked the children’s interest. Everyone sat down quietly and watched as Amigo the Horse began to canter around the Arena and warm up before he was ready to jump. Amanda told the children that Amigo really likes when we cheer him on and to watch his ears as we cheer. His ears will really perk straight up and they did as soon as we cheered Amigo on. All of a sudden Amigo was ready to go, we cheered and over the fence Amigo glided. The children were so excited. They sat so still, their eyes fixated on the Horse and rider, you could almost hear a pin drop as the children waited in anticipation for the next jump. Amigo would jump and everyone cheered with excitement. Then the children would call out higher! So Amanda would raise the bar and Amigo would jump. Amanda had risen the bar approximately 5 times when Amigo accidently knocked the bar down. The children cheered for Amigo to try one more time. Amanda told the children to watch closely and explained that Amigo doesn’t like to knock the bar down and won’t do it again. Sure enough with a little help from his cheering section over the bar he glided with ease. This was almost everyone’s favorite part of the trip!


Horse jumping over a pole

In preparation of our upcoming field study, we worked together to create horse treats. Made from oats, carrots, apples, molasses and topped off with a peppermint candy. As a group we walked back to the other barn and fed the Horses our yummy treats, which they loved. Even Toby the fainting goat enjoyed them. It was an exciting morning as we furthered our knowledge and engaged in hand’s on learning with the animals, what a wonderful way to wrap up our horse project.




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