Preschool 1

Warmer Weather Fun
March 2020


It has been tricky weather, finally preschool one children had an opportunity to use bikes on our playground. Even though they still had snow pants and winter boots, they were very excited. They raced and made circles around the sand box over and over again. We saw that their bodies were stimulated and cheeks became rosy. If you noticed, we have lots of logs and wooden blocks in our playground to use. So an educator intentionally separated these and placed them at just enough distance to allow the bike wheels to pass through. The children on the bikes looked at them and came closer with curious eyes and gave suggestions to the educator about where logs could go.


Logan observed the area and stopped once then all of sudden he quickly drove speeding through the course. He went through in just a few seconds without touching any wood. He had an idea on how he drives the course and took an action. He grinned and looked at Mathias “Did you see that?” This moment of success gave Logan confidence. Adrian was inspired by Logan’s challenge, so he tried to go through the same course; however, his wheels were wider than Logan’s bike, then one wheel got caught by some wood and his body leaned to the left. “Ah- “said Adrian narrowly holding his balance. Next time moved slowly so his wheel went over the wood. Adrian uttered in the line “I can’t go through it; I can go over it” (from a much loved classroom song “going on a bear hunt”) After this discovery he purposely stepped on wood with one wheel examining if he could keep his balance while leaning.


Kira preferred the two people bike because she loved to carry a friend and pretended to be on a tour bus. She demonstrated her strong leg muscles pedaling by the fence avoiding wood on the ground. Emily, who sat on the back seat, said “Hi! We are at the zoo!” John soon asked Emily, “Can I have my turn, next?” “Sure” replied Emily who gave him the spot for another tour. John decided to go to the airport. They communicated using words and included friends in play. This roll play continued for some time.

These were the parts of outdoor programs that offer choices and enough time and space for exploration by the children. These opportunities provide circumstances for gross motor skill practice. Children are capable. We can’t wait for nicer weather to play outside!


Two children on playground








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