Preschool 1

Exploring our Neighbourhood
Summer 2019


During the summer, the children in the Preschool One room have been busy exploring the neighbourhood. We have been practicing holding onto our buddy’s hand while we walk around. We have been wanting to explore other areas to help us get a better understanding of the community around us.


children walking hand in hand on community trail


On one of the walks we went to a pond. While at the pond we were listening to see if we could hear frogs. We saw ducks and butterflies. We learned about the different plants that were growing and we even brought back some with us. On our walk back to the child care, we saw acorns growing on a tree. We also saw some flowers and we decided to bring them back. We learned that they are called Queen Anne’s Lace. We continued to walk and we saw that someone was growing a little apple tree in their yard. Cadence noticed that were plants that looked like they had watermelons or a squash growing from it. Lincoln and Alexis think that they were watermelons.


Going for the walks help nurture the children’s physical well-being by "Increasing children’s physical activity and decreasing the amount of time spent in sedentary.” (How Does Learning Happen? Page 29) The children have enjoyed learning about the environment and exploring the different areas around our community.







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