Preschool 1

Risk play during outdoor time
September 2019


This month the preschool one children have been challenging themselves as they build structures with wood to climb onto, or climb up onto high objects.

At Owl we call this risky play. A document we refer to on child development is “How does learning happen?” They state “facilitating children’s efforts to take reasonable risks, test their limits and gain increasing competence and a sense of mastery through active play and social interactions.”


A child standing on top of a wooden frame, propped up against a playground structure

We provided many different thickness and sizes of wood for the children to use as climbing structures. Lincoln asked April if she could place a long piece of wood up against the climber for him to climb up on. “April, I put some stools, (which are plastic milk crates) near the climber too, so I can walk on them to climb on the wood.” “Good idea Lincoln.” As Lincoln climbed the long piece of wood up to the climber, he was a bit hesitant to move his one leg over the climber wall, to maneuver his body inside the climber. With my help by guiding his leg over, Lincoln was able to get his body over. “I did it!” He said proudly. “Way to go Lincoln, I knew you could do it.” On another area of the playground the children like to climb a large doll house. Cadence and Kayleb took turns climbing onto the doll house. Kayleb enjoyed sitting on the roof, swinging his legs back and forth. Once Cadence was on top of the roof, she slowly stood up nice and tall, with an educator standing close to her side, “look at me, I’m standing on the roof. I’m so high!” “Wow Cadence! Great climbing! You’re right, you’re nice and high!” It’s great to see each child testing their limits as they try to take part in risky play. Whether it’s jumping from a tire that is sitting on the ground onto the grass, climbing a bit higher with some encouragement or help, or being able to do it all on their own. This type of play enhances the children’s self-confidence, determination and instills a great sense of pride in themselves.






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