Preschool 1

Let’s Make a Snowman!
December 2019


April and the children created a science experiment by making our own snow inside the classroom one afternoon by measuring out 2 cups of baking soda and 1/2 cup of conditioner. We double this recipe so there was more of it to share as well, so everyone was able to have a turn measuring out the ingredients into the sensory bin. While pouring the ingredients into the sensory bin we practiced our numeracy by counting out loud each time they would dump it into the bin, and our social skills by waiting our turn, or learning that we might only get one turn if we have a lot of our peers helping.


The children enhanced their sensory exploration as they rub their fingers back and forth in the snow they have just created. April inquired if the children wanted to make a snowman? “What does the snowman need first?” They thought about it, April gave them a hint by tapping her bum, Lincoln and Jacob said “bum!” "That right! let’s work together by gathering up some of the snow to make the bum, “what comes after the bum?” April asked. They thought about it again, April patted her stomach, “tummy!” Jacob said. "That's right Jacob, let’s make our second snowball by picking up the snow and adding it together." “Ok, we have a bum for our snowman and we have a tummy, now what does the snowman need?” After they thought some more, April tapped her head, “I know, head!” Alexis said.


Children exploring fake snow in a sensory bin

We now had our 3 snowballs for our snowman, as they looked at their snowman they had made, Jacob said “we need a carrot for a nose.” “You’re right we do. Our snowman is so little a carrot would be too big for his face though, how about a small piece of paper?” April asked them. “Yeah.” Jacob said.

Jacob seemed pleased with the snowman once we were done making it, he started to sing "frosty the snowman, was a happy joy soul" and started to move his body back and forth, some of his friends joined in singing with him.


The children enjoyed more of the sensory expect of the snow once we were done creating our snowman, by rubbing the snow on their hands and arms rest of the time. "It's cold" Lincoln said, as he continued to rub it on his arms.

We hope soon we can make a big snowman outside, come on packing snow!




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