Natural Exploration and Learning
September 2019


What a great time of year for exploration in our natural world. We enjoyed a walk out to the forest, where lots seem to be happening. The ground is getting soft, wet and squishy in places. Our educators tell us this is because of the rain and the sun couldn’t shine through to dry the ground up. Some of us don’t mind the texture and want to explore more areas of the forest, while some use gestures and verbal ques to express tactile discrimination, of what they are feeling on their hands and knees. Others, enter the forest and explore, our hands are busy increasing fine motor skills to grasp at leaves, sticks and stones. As we look at the leaves our educators talk about how they change colours. We put some in a bag so we can take them back to school.


The forest, also provides us an opportunity to build our gross motor skills as we crawl up hill and down, find tree logs to help us up into a standing position, and gain core balance as some of us walk on the unsteady surface.


Child climbing over a fallen log

Auditory exploration is heightened as we hear the birds singing their songs, but can’t always see them. The forest provides us with an opportunity to be engaged learners who explore their world with body, mind and senses.


Child holding a leaf






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