Fine Motor Manipulation Invitations for Infants
October 2019


The infants have been practicing their fine motor skills. To support these developing signs of dexterity and to encourage each child to explore and expand their skills. As an active learner the infants explore these activities with body mind and senses.


Three infants standing at a table

Addy works her pincer grasp as she picks up pieces and drops them in the bucket. The sound is an unexpected surprise, so she repeats the action to see if she will get the same result.


Elise notices the marble pieces inside the small square container and uses her palmer grasp for good control, as she shakes the container it also creating some new sounds.


Zoey works her coordination as she tries to manipulate the container into opening. This also shows beginning signs of problem solving, group collaboration and has her using her expressive language.


Jack stands and balances against the table to explore, which adds another level of motor skills being engaged as he works his leg muscles to stand and control his body position.


Mackenzie drops the marble pieces one at a time into the bucket and onto the tray. The educators add language and early math skills as they label what is happening and count along with her actions. She hands some pieces to her educators and gestures for them to join her.


Providing a variety of experiences lets us see the infants engage in meaningful exploration and build on what they already know through play.





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