Flick, Splat, Slick, Smack
March 2020


Today the infants were invested head to toe in paint exploration. With the lights down and the LED’s glowing our room transformed into an 80’s flashback. The kitchen was cleared then we hung some paper and provided lots of brushes and some neon paint. Sophia led the investigation after watching Jen flick some paint on the wall. Soon a group formed examining objects together as a means of forming relationships. Imitation and turn taking were other social skills we saw examples of. Oliver and Lily Jo used the brushes to spread paint on their feet turning this experience into tactile exploration. Wiggling their slippery toes and creating footprints of paint. Zoё and Sophia took turns putting paint on each other and sharing paintbrushes back and forth. As the exploration continued Sophia and Lily Jo spread it into the mural with all their body parts. Washing them clean was the trickiest part of all. some merely needed a wash cloth others needed a quick dip (or long soak) in the sink! Observing the infants today showed us that truly each one is an active and engaged learner who explores the world with body, mind and senses.


Children painting on floor









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