Come see the light!
January 2020


During cloudy, rainy days, what do we do in the infant room? We provide a light exploration experience. Jen brought in a big blue strand of LED lights in the hopes we would perk the interest of the infants. Which of course it did! As well as some other children within the centre, as they came to the door curious about the blue light. When the educators had the infants hooked on the new light in the classroom, they brought out the light table, hanging lights and fiber optic lights to take the exploration a little further.


Lily was curious about the blue stand of light and used her body to track the light by crawling around and under the climber following its trail. Oliver used his balance and coordination to explore the lights hanging from the ceiling, by batting and touching them. Jack and Lucas were interested in the tactile feel and visual effects of the fiber optics, feeling how soft and silky the strands were and stayed engaged watching the colour changes from red, blue, purple etc. Sophia showed curiosity in the manipulatives on the light table. Touching the prisms, watching the bubbles run down through the case and a few attempts at trying to pull the plug. Zoё, manipulated the light strand by taking it and putting it around her neck like a necklace and then taking it off again. She repeated this multiple times in her exploration. Robbie seemed to enjoy the LED light tubes. He watched them slowly change from one colour to the next and watched the strobe light effect that happened as it was hit off the floor and reflected onto the other materials in the room.


Child holding string of lights


This invitation of play may have perked an interest to explore lights a little deeper. Stay tuned!





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