Indoor Infant Inquiry
December 2019


Today we all sat together at one table at the same time. Sitting together builds on their sense of belonging as they are closely connected to each other and can contribute to each other’s world.


Infants painting at a table

The infants rubbed, patted and manipulated the paper as they watched the set up together.

Observing things together is a type of communication skill referred to as “Joint Attention”. A non-verbal communication where the infants direct the educators’ attention during an experience using gestures. During the activity the infants were provided paint cube popsicle sticks and colour diffusing paper to explore with. As the paint melted it marked the paper and bled together as the infants smeared in the chunks. LilyJo squished the cube with her fingers creating more chunks. Alicia shared her sticks by passing them to Bear after she banged hers on her paper. Bear and Zoë were quick to try a taste, not just of one but each new colour they were given. Jack used his signs to signal his desire for “more” colours. The sharing/turn taking (passing) we witnessed is the beginning of early social skills.


Infant sitting at table with paper and paint


Observing their actions showed each of them as an active learner who explores differently with their whole body, mind and senses.

By following the infants cues we can support their learning in a positive way. Reacting promptly to the signs they use shows them we understand and respect they’ve had enough time to explore. Zoë signing “All done”, we understand their style of communication and are here to cultivate authentic relationships.







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