For Children in the Youth Development Program

Parents of children enrolled in the youth development program (YDP) with Owl Child Care operating within the Waterloo Region District School Board are asked to provide information to confirm their plans for upcoming Professional Development (PD) Days. *Opt-out request form can be found in the right column.

Host Schools For the Friday, September 20 PD Day:


The following schools will offer a full-day PD Day program for students enrolled in the YDP program with Owl:

  • Abraham Erb PS


  • Chicopee Hills PS


  • Franklin PS


  • Lester B Pearson PS


  • Lexington PS


  • Vista Hills PS

Alternate Locations For the Friday, September 20 PD Day:


Students registered in the following schools are invited to join us at an alternate location as noted below:

 If your child attends...      PD Day care offered at:
Bridgeport PS   Lester B Pearson PS
Crestview PS  Franklin PS
 Laurelwood PS  Vista Hills PS
 Northlake Woods PS  Abraham Erb PS
 Sandowne PS  Lexington PS

Bagged Lunch Policy

Please note that students must bring a bagged lunch on PD Days, during Winter Break or March Break. The lunch provided must meet the criteria outlined in Owl's Bagged Lunch Policy.

Hours of Care on PD Days

If your child is regularly registered to attend Before School on Fridays, they may attend on the PD day from 7am until school afternoon dismissal time. Additional charges may apply if care is required later in the afternoon.

If they are regularly registered for After School on Fridays, they may attend from morning school entry bell time until 6pm on a PD day. Additional charges may apply if care if required earlier in the morning.

If your child attends both Before and After School on Fridays, they may attend on the PD Day from 7 am until 6 pm.

Need Care for a Sibling in the Extended Day Program on April 3, 2020?

If you have a younger child attending the extended day program, please note that the WRDSB is not providing care on April 3 as it is a PD Day for their ECEs. If you require care for a younger child (JK to Grade 2) on April 3, you have the option of registering your younger child at one of Owl's child care centres to join their PD Day program at a cost of $24. You may also choose to opt out your YDP child from the PD Day program at the WRDSB school and to send them to the Owl centre as well to have just one drop off.

To do so:

1) If applicable, complete the form below with respect to your child in Owl's YDP program.

2) Review our locations on our website at and choose one convenient to you.

3) Email  and provide the following information:

  • Name of YDP child and which location they attend now


  • Name of younger sibling from extended day that requires care


  • Name of Owl child care centre you wish them to attend on April 3, 2020


4) The YDP team will follow up with you and require an Application for Enrolment (2-pages) for your younger child. Additional forms may be required for medical or other support needs.