What's in a Gourd?
September 2019


Fall is here! In the spirit of fall beginning Laura added fall materials to our sensory bin. The materials included, fallen leaves (which our toddlers collected from outside), pinecones, mini pumpkins and gourds! Tobias, Hunter and Eliza were the first curious ones and came over to explore the colorful new materials. Tobias smoothed his hand over the surfaces of the different gourds, feeling the bumps on some of the gourds then exploring the smoother pumpkin/gourds skin. Eliza enjoyed holding the tiny pumpkins in her hand and placed the pumpkins side by side on the edge of the sensory bin.


Lucas and Devyn tried to taste each pumpkin! Devyn was determined to take a bite out of a particular green gourd. Lucas was very curious as what that was inside the pumpkins as he continued to knocked on the pumpkins and shake them up to his ear.


We built off this interest and decided to investigate these gourds further by cutting one open and exploring the insides.


Laura grabbed a bowl, spoon and knife and sat down at one of the tables. She asked Eliza to go and pick which gourd we should open. Eliza ran over to the sensory bin and picked up one of the large white and orange pumpkins, “Here you go!” she said as she handed it to Laura.


Henry used hand over hand with Laura as they cut the gourd in half. Henry exclaimed, “OH!” as he pointed to the pumpkin seeds and stringy pulp. Henry used his spoon to help scoop all the guts out of the pumpkin and into our bowl. Myla and Ivy enjoyed exploring the feel of the pumpkin seeds and slimy pulp in the bowl. Myla began grabbing handfuls of the seeds and placed them back into the hallow pumpkin. Lucas laughed and smiled as he squeezed the pumpkin guts and seeds between his fingers, he even gave one of the seeds and taste test!


Toddler looking at gourd


Using our senses is a pivotal way for our toddlers to learn though the environment around them. Exploring the gourds not only with their sense of touch but also through, smell and tasting! Discovering the workings of materials and what they feel, taste and look like inside and out. This experience was a great pathway into engaging with our toddlers by following their lead!


Child looking at pumpkin seeds in a bowl


We look forward to continuing this sensory interest and implementing different materials and experiences that allow our toddlers to explore each of their senses freely!




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