The Beat Goes On
November 2019


Our new playground is a new environment for our toddlers to explore! They enjoy going up and down the gravel hill as well as weaving in and out of the freshly planted trees. One new addition to the playground that our toddlers are especially interested in, are the new steel tongue drums. The colorful new tongue drums fit perfectly on the wooden tables, there are so many seats around the table to encourage engagement with the drums. On this day we brought out the drums and Myla and Ivy were the first toddlers to begin testing out the different notes.


Group of children and educators sitting around wooden table

Children banging on drums



Myla attempted different to create different notes and sounds on the drums. Hitting different areas on the drums, almost testing the different various sounds which were possible for the drum. We had two different drum sticks, one had a rubber end and the other had a almost fabric end. Ivy held one of each stick and fostered her coordination as she tapped the drum with each, alternating hands each time, creating a rhythm and beat!

Willie experimented with the drums, hitting them as hard as he could using his eye hand coordination to hit the sticks on the same note each time. He would play on the drums then look around the playground and smile, as if he was making sure everyone was able to hear his wonderful tune!
Lucas explored the drums with a different sense! He rubbed his mitten covered hands over the slippery smooth surface of the drums. William rapidly tapped his hands against the drum, smiling and laughing as he moved his hands faster and then slower!


Our toddlers are growing and learning as we spend more and more time on our new playground. The addition of the metal drums allows for more learning possibly for our toddlers. The drums are a simple instrument, however they offer a variety of learning opportunities such as counting, sharing, rhythm and developing creativity. Using these drums are a fun way for our toddlers to mix fun and enjoyment with physical activity!


As the toddlers explore the workings of the drums, they are finding alternative ways of expressing themselves and their emotions through sound, We will continue to follow this interest for music and sound in our toddler classroom!