School-age 2

Tie Dying Paper
September 2019


School-age 2 has been very crafty lately! Recently, Ashley and Angelina were the first to discover how to ‘tie dye’ paper when a piece of paper got wet and the marker bled on the page. This led to them experimenting with different techniques as more children got involved. First they tried running the paper under the tap but Ashley noticed it washed away a lot of the colours. Then they used a spray bottle with water, however that didn’t blend the colour as much as they wanted and left the paper very wet. Next they coloured the paper by adding colour to the water with water colour paint or paper coloured with maker. Most of the group liked the way this looked but it still left the paper quite wet.


After all the trial and error, they came up with the final method of tie dying paper:


child experimenting with marker coloured paper in sink


Step 1: Use marker to colour on the paper.


Step 2: Put the paper in the sink and spray the paper well. 


Step 3: Squeeze the paper out with your hands.


Step 4: Unfold the paper VEEEERRRY carefully (rips may happen, but that’s O.K) 


Step 5: Let it dry


When the paper was completely dried, Emily and Ashley used it to make colourful cootie catchers, Angelina made a card for a friends birthday, and others drew pictures on it.  


child holding up picture


This activity was completely child led from start to finish. They used their creativity and problem solving skills to figure out the best way to achieve what they were imagining in their minds. They had to work as a team and communicate with each other to build onto ideas. This was a fun experiment to watch unfold, we can’t wait see more of this during the school year!  






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