School-age 1

September 2019


Some newfound cars and tracks were put on the School Age 1 group at the start of the school year. The children have been fostering their creativity while putting the tracks together to make a variety of courses to drive their cars on. They used tops of shelves and chairs to build downhill tracks.


“Watch my car go soooo fast!” Jacob said as he stood beside the track built up to the top of the shelf.


olf sa1 sept2019 1


They also used the length of an entire carpet to make a long track.


“It’s my turn next” Joshua stated as he got on his hands and knees very focused, and pushed his car across the track.


olf sa1 sept 2


This activity has allowed for the children to have a sense of belonging. Daily the cars are the first item that many children go for as soon as it’s time for exploratory play. The children are engaged with each other, asking one another if they can help or if they may join in the play with cars. They work together to figure out new approaches to building tracks throughout the room. The educators often hear the children saying “Come and see our track.” Hearing these words shows that the children are also developing a sense of pride and allowing for everyone to experience a sense of belonging.





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