School-age 1

Let's Get Emotional
November 2019


The children in School-Age One are continuing to identify their emotions and put their self-regulation skills into practice.


child reading card


A new game was brought into the classroom it was called “My Feelings: Exploring Emotions Through Fun, Active Play.This game allowed for the children to foster their literacy skills while reading the words on the cards and labelling their emotions. Azariah read the card allowed not only when it was her turn, but when it was her younger peers turn as well. These cards provided the children with an emotion such as sad, happy, or scared, and then asked them to make a choice between two ways they would deal with this emotion. Some children even suggested their own idea of helping themselves in these situations.   

The children would spin a spinner and move the amount of spaces indicated. This provided them an opportunity to enhance their numeracy skills while identifying the number and counting the spaces correctly. Everett even took on the task of sorting the cards that were already used into matching colour piles.


Child moving pieces on game boardboy sorting cards by colour       


















The children were able to express themselves when picking a “Silly” card. This card would ask the children to make a silly face, jump like a bunny, do a silly dance, or many other fun ideas. It provided an opportunity for engagement as the children practiced turn taking skills and patience.

We are learning about emotions and self-regulation skills on an ongoing basis. We are hoping to come across even more fun and creative ways to learn about this.





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