Mmm... Tomatoes
September 2019


Back in the spring time, the preschoolers planted tomatoes in the garden. Over the past couple of months, we have worked hard as a team to water them and help them grow. The children got excited when they saw those little green balls start to form on the tomato plant. “You can’t pick them, they’re not ready” Saraya would warn her peers.


Now its harvest time! The preschoolers noticed the tomatoes changing colours, turning from green, to yellow, to orange. One afternoon, Corine got a bowl and encouraged the children to help her pick the ripe tomatoes using their fine motor skills. Addy sniffed a tomato after picking it, and made a funny face. Cole got very excited when he found a large bunch of tomatoes ready to be picked. Yuvik picked a tomato and squeezed it between his fingers, popping it open so all the juice and seeds came out. “There’s some still growing!” Sarah said excitedly, “that means we can have more next week!”

After finding all the tomatoes we could, they were rinsed and brought back outside for us to try. Sarah and Brady both loved the tomatoes, reaching in the bowl for more and more. Suzie tried a tomato, but didn’t like it. Roselynn licked the tomato and said “This is the yuckiest thing ever!”


After our tomatoes were gone, Sarah and Brady wanted more and would pluck them out of the garden and pop them in their mouths! Brady told Sarah that he likes to eat tomatoes out of the garden at home too.


children grabbing tomatoes out of a bowlolf ps sept2019 1


During this period of time we used our senses touch, smell, and taste to help nurture our sense of self. The children practiced patience when they waited for the tomatoes to grow, and teamwork to gather all the tomatoes. The preschoolers learned about the well-being of plants, and also about making healthy food choices through gardening. They were able to make connections to their home life, as well as discovering the similarities and differences of our taste buds between peers.







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