Making Tracks
Summer 2019


Painting with our Toddlers is always fun. Their interactions with each other when exploring creative media influence their movements as the follow each other actions and responses to the materials.

While we are exploring Trucks the group engaged in painting a tire which quickly turned to painting with a tire.


toddler girl and boy standing at a table covered in brown paper, plates with paint and tire


As soon as the children saw the colourful paint on the table and the large rubber tire they were immediately drawn to the provocation. Serena was the first one got the paint shirt, followed by Hannah,Vivaann,Logan each found a shirt and were getting ready to paint.


two toddler boys at a table running a tractor through paint


We began by useing a paper plate to be as palettes with primary coulour and an assortment of paintbrushes. This allowed the children work with their own pace, select their colours, exploring mark making and sizes.


The first conversation I heard them talk about was what colour they want to and which part of tire they want to paint. With some discussion, their brushes flew over the tire with the colour they have mixed.While painting Serena's movements caused the the tire to rolled over to where Addy's sitting creating a colourful track on the brown paper covering the table. Addy was thrilled to see the track created by the rolling tire. When the paint brush was not creating the marks Addy wanted she began to use her hand to paint and pushed the tire across the paper back to Logan and Vivaann's side.


Toddler girl painting tire

Hannah talked to Addy with loud voice over the big table when she saw rolling tire and said: “I am coming to your side, Addy.” Serena, Logan, and Vivaann started to use their hands as well rolling the tire back to their friends at other side of table. Vivaann made a face painting to Logan, and Logan painted his arms and one of Serena's arms, as they looked at each other, and laughed.

Hannah identified a visual connection to the track she made on the paper and the track she made in the sand box, while she washed her hands with Ivy.


Devyn and Myla were observing this play and walked to the table to touch the fresh paint with their fingers, rubbing the paint between their hands, feeling the texture as is squished. With a little help, Myla and Devyn were able to put paint shirt on and started their exploration.


They dipped their hands in the paint with squish and tactile motions; they watched the paint dripping out their fingers and landed on the paper, then they made hand print.







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