Let's get into Paleontology!
January 2020


Our toddlers have been diving deep into the world of paleontology and dinosaurs. Learning through different experiments and experiences to support the children’s interest in the dinosaour figures. We wanted to recreate a real life dig site a paleontogist would encounter while trying to recover fossils of these extinct creatures.

Vanessa  brought in plaster dinosaur bones for our toddlers to explore.  We participated in a varieaty experiences using these bones to further understand the different parts of a dinosaours skeleton and the connections between them. We created beautiful paintings using  these bones while also creating imprints of the different curves and grooves of the bones in clay. “ PUUUSSH” Myla said as she pressed the bones down into the clay, ensuring every inch and corner of the bone created a mark. Once the clay was dry, Henry and Lucas helped Laura carefully paint over the bumps and impressions to help them stand out, then it was time for the dig!


toddler boy using paint brush to uncover fossils


Using our zen sand boxes as a perimeter for our dig, Laura placed the freshly created fossils randomly in the and all under the sand. Paint brushes, chisels and rakes and all the tools a paleontolost would need were provided and the toddlers went to work to uncover the various fossils.

Ivy began slowly brushing the sand side to side off of a tail bone  fossil, while William excitedly brushed away his sand uncovering a knuckle fossil. “ WOW!” Willie exclaimed as he dusted off more and more of the sand. Lucas used the rake the push the each fossil into one corner, from there he lifted each fossil out of the sand and onto the table. Once each fossil was removed and only sand remained, he lifted his hands up and asked, “ Go?”. Adeline was very focused as she brushed her fossils off very carefully and precisely. Adeline made the connection between the bone fossils and the plastic toy dinosaurs in our classroom. She brought over our stegosaurs and triceratops dinosaurs and rested them beside her dig site. Henry was very excited each time he uncovered a fossil, he would stop and exclaim, “ LAURA, look!” as he pointed to the different bones. Devyn enjoyed this experience in a sensory way, as she dug her hands into the sand and grabbed handfuls of sand and slowly dropped the sand back down through the air and through her fingers.


Toddler age child exploring table top sand garden finding fossils

two toddler children working together to uncover fossils in sand tray with brushes


As we continue to explore this topic, our toddlers interest grow! We continue to add resources to support co-learning  with our toddlers.The various possibilities for learning through paleontology are endless, these experiences provide oportunities to make discoverys and support our little  scientists!











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