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All child care centres will re-open on July 6, 2020 with updated health and safety policies to address COVID-19 risks and meet the requirements set forth by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Waterloo Region Public Health. Owl employees have received training in these new procedures and have restructured their classrooms to create safe, caring and positive environments where they can engage and learn alongside the children.

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Updated: July 3, 2020


Snow Colours
February 2020


While outside Tobias found some markers that the preschoolers had left out for us to use. He put them in a bucket and handed them out to all his peers. As they pushed the markers into the snow, they watched the colours bleed out onto the wet and icy ground. Ivy, quickly discovered that she could make lines and squiggles on the harder snow that had been packed flat from the children walking across it. 

To expand on the children's interest in colours and mark making  Vanessa decided to try a different type of media. She put some water and paint into a squeeze bottle and shook it up. After a variety of colours where created, we brought them outside! Henry picked up a bottle, “green!” he said recognizing  the right colour. Henry and Tobias then started to fill a shovel with the coloured water, “I wonder what you’re going to do with the shovel?” one of the educators asked. He picked up the shovel by the handle and watched the water slowly flow out onto the snow. Other children used the squeeze bottles to spray the snow and watching it change colours.


two toddler children on standing face to faced child on the right in orang snow suit squeezing blue paint

toddler boy sqeezing yellow paint onto a shovel

























After all the squeeze bottles of paint were empty  Vanessa walked around with Henry identifying the different colours on the snow. They discovered that some of the colours had mixed together to make a completely different colour!




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