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How to make a shoe
Summer 2019


While searching for loose parts in our creative carts the children found cardboard shoe insert. Finding it interesting they brought it to the classroom to play with. Angelina immediately had a plan for the insert. She painted the cardboard shape and then traced it onto a piece of board box. Using it as template to cut and create the sole of a shoe. Once the sole was cut out Angelina painted the sole in a dark colour. Using materials from our sewing area, she covered the entire sole with cotton stuffing to make the insole. Then, she covered the stuffing with a piece of fabric to finish off the insole.


image of a hand holding a cardboard shoe insert



image of hands holding a small strip of boxboard around a foot shape


Angelina then used the insert to trace on another piece of cardboard to make a welt for the sandal. She did this by folding the cardboard so that it has a nice rounded border rather than leaving it as a flat surface. Ashley painted the welt for Angelina. Angelina then hot glued the upper portion of the sandal to the sole. Using the hot glue Angelina added the welt to the sole of the sandal.


image of the top of a hand made shoe


Ashley fixed the strap of the back of the sandal using a safety pin. The children called their one of kind sandal “Customized Galaxy Shoes”. Her peers quickly noticed and were equally impressed with her creativity. The children came up to her and said: “Wow!”, and Angelina said: “Thanks guys.” Playing with open ended materials and loose parts, inspires and encourages creative play and while providing with opportunities to let their imaginations go wild.


image of formed shoe on a child's foot




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