School-age 2

Pipe Cleaner Chickens
October 2019


First, Angelina took one white pipe cleaner and twisted it around the pencil starting from the handle part down to the tip of the pencil. Then, she repeated this step for the second pipe cleaner leaving a cylinder type shape (narrow on one part and wide at the other side). She also left about a 1 cm overhang. With the last pipe cleaner Angelina wrapped it around the middle part only. Since Angelina used a pencil to complete the craft it didn’t turn out as good as she would have hoped so. For the second attempt, she used a marker and followed the same steps which resulted in a defined tubular shape.


hand of school age child wrapping white pipe cleaner around yellow pipe cleanter

school age child hands wrapping white pipe cleaner around a yellow pipe cleaner



Next up, Angelina twisted the yellow pipe cleaner back and forth to make a foot. She repeated this step on the other end of the pipe cleaner to make the second foot. In addition, Angelina was a team player as she helped her peers overcome their struggles by helping them after she had completed every one of her steps. Angelina was assisting Cadence, Joanna, Samantha and Taya. Then, Angelina took the fourth pipe cleaner, which was a white colour and twisted it around the upper part of the legs. She took the white cylinder-shaped pipe cleaners she made in the first part and inserted them over the yellow pipe cleaner while making sure to squeeze the white-cylinder so it fits snugly over yellow pipe cleaner. The white cylinder-shaped pipe cleaners were compressed to make up the body. The body, neck, stomach, back, and thighs are all white, whereas the feet and beak are yellow. In addition, Angelina trimmed the yellow pipe cleaner to make the feet appear less fluffy. To make the rose comb, Angelina twisted a red pipe cleaner around the yellow one. She then cut off some of the yellow pipe cleaner indicating the beak. This really gave the craft a visual appearance of an actual chicken however, she felt that there was some stuff missing. She proceeded to add two small black beads with glue for the eyes. Finally, Angelina took two more white pipe cleaners and twisted it around the body, so it looks like the chicken has some weight to it.


finished pipe cleaner chicken

  pipe cleaner chicken in a nest




Angelina made a basket out of a pipe cleaner and made a few tiny eggs out of paper. She put the eggs in the basket and placed the chicken on top, so it looks like the chicken was busy hatching. Using the remaining pipe cleaners the children made at table and some chairs. Creative experiences help children develop creativity and expression, sharing their imagination through play as they can use fine motor skills, and it improves their hands and eye coordination. Creativity allows children’s mental growth by trying out new ways of thinking. Group activities where children are engaged as a class, allows them to boost their self-esteem as socialize through sharing materials and their ideas.






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