School age 2

Making a Tunnel through a Snowbank
March 2019


Nelly, Angelina, Ashley, Tamara, and Eden decided to make a tunnel through a snowbank that was large enough for a person to get through. They were inspired by Piper, Cecelia, and Talia who were making tunnels in the snow for their arms to fit through, back in February.


Angelina started to dig the entrance of the tunnel, while Ashley was digging the exit. Ashley was kicking the snow to increase the size of the tunnel, Tamara joined the girls and helped Ashley with the exit by removing excess snow. Later, Eden came and helped with the entrance of the tunnel to increase its size so that a person could get in. Once the two ends of the tunnel connected, Tamara stepped up and was first to try out the tunnel. While in the tunnel she helped increase the size so that other people could enter easily. Tamara repeatedly went through the tunnel on her belly and did this until the other girls gained confidence to try it out for themselves. The tunnel was approximately 3 feet deep and 2 feet long.


Emily K., Cecelia, and Eden followed Tamara’s strategy. Samantha went through the tunnel just as Tamara had, afterwards she decided to try something new and went in on her back. The other girls yelled, “Stop Samantha, this is dangerous!” So, Samantha didn’t proceed with this position. This activity allowed the children to participate in a risky taking activity and look out for each other.



female school age child crawling through a snow tunnel

female child crawling out of  snow tunnel














Angelina, Aysia, and Ashley walked to the tunnel and decided to try something new. They sat down and used their hands to slide through the tunnel. Then, Sam, the teacher, tried the tunnel and almost got stuck since the hole wasn’t big enough for her to fit through. Later, Emily F., Eden, Emily K., Cecilia, and Talia decided to change things up and enter from the bottom of the tunnel to the top. They laid on their tummies and used their hands to climb through the tunnel. After, a line was formed. Everyone had to take turns because it got so busy and they were all so excited for their turn. The children were smiling, laughing, and having a blast. At the end, none of the children wanted to go back inside since they were having so much fun.


Before the children went back inside, they wanted to make sure the tunnel would hold up until next week. Angelina tested the tunnel by standing on top, and since it didn’t collapse, the children cheered that it might be safe to use next week. Angelina and her classmates all agreed that only if the teenagers don’t ruin it over the weekend, they would able to use to for next week.


This activity provided the children with the opportunity to take risks and manage risky situations. This helps them overcome fears, problem solve, think quickly, and know their boundaries. Exposure to risky situations gives children the opportunity to extend their limits and learn life skills.


school age girl  laying in the snow



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