School-age 2

Snowflake Jewelry
Januray 2020


Tamara, Ashley and Angelina designed tiaras and earrings using snowflakes they created out of red coloured paper.

To create their jewelry the girls followed these steps:
First they made 6 identical squares and prepared 6 squares of equal sizes using red patterned paper. After that they folded the square in half and took one of the six squares which makes a triangle if you fold it in half. Next up, they made three slits and unfolded the paper so they could glue the inner flaps together. It started to look like a cylinder after the first flap was glued. Following this they flipped the paper and glued the second pair of flaps. They repeated this step until all of the flaps were glued.

Tamara glued three snowflakes together and stuck two ribbon strings on either side of the snowflake. Then she wore it as a head band, where the snowflakes stood up like a tiara. Ashley helped Tamara attach a snowflake to her earring. She did this by making a hole in the snow flake and hanging it from Tamara’s stud earring . Their peers were all very interested in these paper embelishments and joined them in creating their own Snowflake Jewelry.

While participating in this activity the children demonstrated social skills while taking turns, sharing materials, communicating and problem solving. They engaged in Creative expression while using their imagination to embellish their paper jewelry.


School age girl sitting at table holiding red paper in her hand. More red paper on the table School age girl displaying her red paper snowflake earing and tiara.









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