School-age 2

December 2019


On Friday December 6th, we had our PA Day. The School-Age 2 children have always been into dance and music, so we thought they would be excited to experience a for a dance lesson. The children had a session of Zumba. Zumba is a fitness class, which combines latin dance and fitness moves. Zumba is inspired by latin dance and music. Zumba has different routines such as Hip Hop, Reggae, Salsa and so much more varieties to sculpt the body with fast and slow rhythms.


two school age girls in a gymnasium following the movements of a zumba instructor


The children had a blast dancing with the Zumba instructor, Cassandra. Every move demonstated by Cassandra, the children would follow along. Samantha and Cyrawould even follow Cassandra  when she drank from her water bottle.  Also taking a water break before learning some new motions. 


 2 school age girls stretching right arm over their heads


This gross motor activity allowed for the children to maintain a healthy heart rate, fostered their coordination skills, and helped keep their bodies moving while still having  a fun cardio workout, If you’re into dance and music,  Zumba is a great activity that is fun and leaves you feeling happy. 


2 school age girl moving with arms open, 3 girl in back with arms up


Since the children really enjoyed Zumba, we are hoping to invite Cassandra back during the summer and perhaps dance outside.


group of children following lead of zumba instructor











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