School-age 2

Folded Paper
April 2019


Many children in our School-age 2 group have been experimenting with folding paper. These activities began with Liam,Niall,Timothy and Jonte started making paper airplanes before school. They engaged in challenges to see which plan would fly the farthest. Jonte tested his theory that the more weight the plane had the straighter the trajectory. He layered 2 planes together “ It looks cool” he exclaimed as he prepared to send the plane flying. While the other children had also noticed that their planes were going up or turn in ways they did not  intend, started to add weight using extra tape along the side their planes leaned towards. Through some trial and error they were able to create planes that were flying straight.


Boy with paper airplane preparing to lauch in hallway

School age boy launching paper airplane



































This paper folding activity continued after school. Tamara demonstrated a new method to fold and create paper airplanes with led to Angelina and Joanna folding paper to make boxes to their stuffed animals. They had to carefully follow folding instructions to support the structures.



hands folding pink paper making a box. completed boxes on the right side

hands holding a blue origami paper swan




















Once this was mastered they moved on to more elaborate Origami designs. They created paper swans, frogs, umbrellas, and used the Ipad to research more technical builds.


Paper folding, Origami is a great way to build on existing fine motor skills by accurately folding, tucking and pulling paper into shape.







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