School-age 1

Let's Get Moving!
October 2019


The children in School-age 1 have been getting active outdoors. At the beginning of the school year there was a set of new gross motor materials provided on the outdoor cart. To ensure that the new materials were brought back to the cart and maintained in good order the children used their literacy and numeracy skills. They signed out the activity of their choice by identifying the number and had the staff print their name on a sign out sheet beside it.

Autumn spent a lot of time mastering the Skip-It. At first she stated, “This is too hard for me to do Tracey.” Tracey encouraged Autumn to continue trying, letting her know that the more you practice something the more you can master the skill. A week later Autumn shouted, “Look Tracey, I can do the Skip It now cuz I was practicing so hard!” Another week later Autumn showed that she took her coordination skills even farther by bouncing a ball and using this apparatus at the same time!!
Josh, Kyrielle and Colton fostered their eye hand coordination while dribbling the basketballs. Playing with these also helped the children to identify and label colours. They were challenged by the educator to try and dribble with one hand. “I can do it!” Joshua said.

The children also have the opportunity to use skipping ropes, parachutes, tennis balls, bean bags, and scoops and balls. All of these materials allow for the children to engage with each other, maintain a sense of belonging, and giving the chance to maintain their well-being while being active.


school age girl using a skip it toy

jk boy dribbling basket ball