School-age 1

Sunshine and Rainbows
March 2020


The children in School Age 1 were provided with new large paint pucks. The pucks came in yellow, blue, red, orange and green. The children were so excited to also receive many different sized paint brushes. Since these new artistic materials have been put on our cart the children help daily to set out the craft mat, fill a couple cups of water (to rinse their paint brush out), and set out paper for themselves and for peers.

“I’m going to paint a rainbow!” Alayna said. "Me too" said Olivia. Autumn came to Tracey and asked, “Do we have purple paint pucks? I need it for my rainbow” Tracey stated we didn’t, but suggested to the child that they could mix two colours and that would make purple. She asked the children at the table what two colours make purple. “Red and Blue!” someone shouted. After this discovery, the children continued to make new colours or lighten or darken the shades they were doing. This allowed the children to learn about cause and affect. The children were focusing on the detail of colours and shapes of their drawings, drawing how they viewed the sunshine, rainbows and flowers in their mind. 


school age girl in pink and black jacket holding a paint brush and painting  a rainbow on paper

group of children at a table painting rainbows

The creativity added beauty to our classroom. There were many pictures of rainbows and flowers laid on the table top. “This one is for you Tracey” or “Here is a picture for you Shahzad’ could be heard on a daily basis. These beautiful masterpieces are displayed on the bulletin board in our hallway, in Lisa and Tracey’s office and even at the educators homes. Looking at these colourful pictures will bring a smile and happiness to all.a group of rainbow paintings on a table







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