School-age 1

Winter is Here!
January 2020


During this month the  school-age one children have been enjoying the fresh air and the snow.


The winter environment offers an abundance of learning opportunities. Some of the children have been exploring the collection of trees using their gross motor skills.  Hearing one of the children  say "let’s make a fort" while moving the trees. The children used their language skills to communicate to one another suggesting where to place the trees to create a structure that matched what they had envisioned while working together. As they continued playing the children turned their "fort" into a jail where they captured villains, the children began to chase each other around the playground, then hiding behind the tree bench, using the mirrors as they turned themselves into superheroes. Brayden said “I am the  Flash”, Joshua said “I am batman”.


Using their imagination and creativity  and the natural environment this  outdoor play provides children with experiences that foster skills in every area of their learning. The children gained a sense of self pride as they worked together as a team using their social , fine and gross motor and  cognitive skills. Colaborating to problem solve different ways they could place the branches to completely cover  their fort/ superhero hide out.


image of pine tree leaned on cone shaped structure group of Jk age children working together to move a  donated holiday pine tree











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