School-age 1

Folded paper
December 2019


During the past month some of the school age one children have been into making “Fortune tellers”, using the practice of folding paper, known as a origami.

Autumn asked the educator Tracey if she could make a fortune teller for her. Tracey encouraged her to ask her peers for help, this would provide the children an opportunity to engage with one another and help each other out. Autumn went around the room and was unable to find a child to help her.


adult and children's hands on a table folding white paper


“Come over to the table and I will show you step by step what to do.” Tracey said. Autumn came over and sat the table, and soon when other peers discovered what was happening they joined as well. Each child sat down with a piece of paper and followed along with the step by step directions. There were some frustrations when the paper did not fold as precise as the children wanted. This allowed the children and opportunity to practice patience and problem solving skills.

“Hey, look how I folded mine!” Jacob said proudly.


young school age girl with folded paper colouring

The children labelled their catcher with colours, words, numbers, and pictures. They walked around the room asking the educators and their peers if they wanted to play. During this time, the children were fostering their language and literacy skills, numeracy, and social skills.


young school age boy demonstrating his fortune teller made of folded paper


Over the next few days we observed the children asking one another for help to make several fortune tellers. They used their folding techniques to also make several paper airplanes. We look forward to exploring origami even more with the children.





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