Connecting with our Community
Summer 2019


Every Wednesday the preschool children at Our Lady of Fatima go for neighborhood walks. These walks will take us to and past various places in our community: fire stations, parks, libraries, and even some homes that our children live at. These walks help us create connections in our community and expand on the relationships we have created. In How Does Learning Happen, the document states,


“Opportunities to engage with people, places, and the natural world in the local environment help children, families, educators, and communities build connections, learn and discover, and make contributions to the world around them.” (HDLH pg. 19).


These walks also focus on the four foundations of learning as stated in How Does Learning Happen,


"Belonging: We feel connected to our community and form relationships within it. Well-Being: Getting out and walking allows the children to participate in a different form of exercise and keeps our bodies healthy and strong. Engagement: Sometimes we go to parks where we can play freely, other times we walk through the forest and explore the nature around us; either way we are engaged in the natural world around us. Expression: While we walk through our neighborhood we discuss what we see and how it relates to us and our community, this also gives the children an opportunity to express themselves and connect these experiences to their lives."


While walking one day in July a police officer drove by us. The children all got very excited, particularly Brayden, “Maybe it was officer Steve!” he declared. A minute later another police car drove by us, this time slowing down and stopping; it was indeed Officer Steve! Officer Steve has been a special guest at our school and the children all get very excited when they see him. He said hi to us and, before leaving, turned on his lights, which caused all sorts of excitement among the group.


This small encounter allowed the children to create a connection to the community, as well as the community service workers who help keep us and our neighborhood safe!


Front end of red fire truck tipped open for inspection


This connection further grew when, on another walk day, a firetruck passed by us and we decided to walk to the fire station. Upon arriving there we found some firefighters working on the trucks engine! We had to keep our distance so we were safe while they worked but it was fascinating to see how these trucks worked.


image of ideas exchange building in Hespeler cambridge


We even visited the library on one of our walks! Some of our children had never been to the library before; this gave us the opportunity to introduce them to a new resource in our community. The children enjoyed browsing the shelves for books to use in our project and we even had a short discussion with one of the librarians! Jackson said, “I come here with my mommy.” “I want this book!” Macksim declared as he pulled a book off the shelf. We also discovered the library holds group time during the week; participating in one of these group times in the future would be an excellent way to expand on the connection we created with the library!


olf ps july2019 7


Walking through the neighborhood one day brought us past a Limo! Joshua got very excited about it and the owner offered for us to come look in it. The children got to learn about the size and speculated how many preschoolers could fit inside: we determined we could all fit! It was a wonderful spontaneous learning experience that helped us build a connection with our neighbours!


group of children with educator looking at stained glass windows in local church


There are so many opportunities to explore our community. We try to take full advantage of these opportunities during our weekly walks! As we’ve continued our walks throughout the summer we’ve been focusing on looking at various buildings as part of our project on Structures. We’ve come across a church that was built in 1905! The children observed how big it was, that it was made of stone, that the windows were made of colourful glass, the doors were tall, and that there were “sticks” (vines) growing on it.


We are excited to continue our walks in September as we explore the community and see what other buildings and structures there are to see!




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