Pumpkins Galore


This October the children in preschool have been interested in pumpkins! This started when Kelley brought in a little pumpkin and some gourds one day. In the morning, the children passed the pumpkin around, feeling its texture. The skin on the pumpkin was smooth, but some of the gourds were bumpy! Later that afternoon, Ivy helped the children to cut the pumpkin open and spoon out the insides. The children felt the goopy inside. “It’s so sticky and stringy!” Sam Commented. After the insides were all out, the preschoolers got a chance to help cut the pumpkin into pieces. The children got a chance to taste the raw pumpkin before we cooked it the following day. Vivaann loved the raw pumpkin and wanted more of it!


preschool girl in pink shirt using a stainless steel spoon to scoop out small  pumpkinpreschool  boy holding stainless steel scoop holding pumpkin seeds




The next day, the raw pumpkin was cooked and mixed up in a blender. We were going to make chocolate chip pumpkin cookies! The Children used their fine motor skills as well as math skills to help measure out different ingredients. Then they waited patiently for our special treat was finished cooking. Finally, it was taste test time! “This is so yummy!” Brady shouted, “I want more!”

Later in the week, we expanded more on this topic and went to the pumpkin patch! We met many different animals there, including two baby cows. “Moooo!” Suzie said to the cows. After seeing the animals, we played in the hay maze, and then got to go on an exciting tractor ride. The tractor took us all around the farm. “There’s pumpkins for miles!” Sarah said, noticing all the pumpkins in the field. Farmer Kevin stopped the tractor in the middle of the pumpkin patch and we each got to pick our own pumpkins! Saraya found a baby pumpkin, while Dylan found a bigger one. We even got to take a couple extra pumpkins for the classroom!


preschool child  petting calf

group of children picking pumpkins in  a field



The next week, we used our pumpkins for many different activities! We cut some in half and used paint to make pumpkin prints. Other pumpkins got put in the sensory bin to explore with. Kelley did a fun science experiment with the pumpkins, cutting one open, and having the children add baking soda and vinegar to the pumpkins. “this makes them smell sour.” Sam noticed. We went on a walk later that day and looked at all the pumpkins on people porches! For thanksgiving, we’re even going to help our cook, Janice, bake the pumpkin tarts! What else can we do with pumpkins this month?


child spooning pompkin puree into tart shells

preschool boy using spoon to add  pumpkin puree to tart shell










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