What Can we do with Trees?
January 2020


Follow the winter holidays we recieved donated  Christmas trees for our playground from our families.  Over the course of the month the children have been discovering ways to use them in the playground.


Elliot discovered he could use the tree as a hiding spot from Roselyn, with the trees perched against the wall, Elon following Elliot also hid behind the tree. Roselyn who was searching for Elliot one afternoon on the playground, discovered he was hiding behind the tree. Roselyn liked Elliot’s hiding spot so much, she decided to hide with him. Sam, Saraya, Suzie and Adelyn watched their friends hide and made their own hiding spots too.


child hiding behing pine trees. second child looking for him

two preschool boys hiding in the pine trees



two preschool girls hiding in the pine tress


Oliver and Cole ran and jumped on tree in the snow causing the tree to fall over. The tree was now a trampoline. Oliver and Cole stacked the trees in a pile and jumped on them creating and cushy trampoline. Oliver suggested they move the trees to the  the other side of the playground. He picked it up and  began dragging it over using his two hands. Cole jumped on top of the tree and went for a ride. Oliver took it as a challenge and pulled the tree with Cole on it across the playground and up the hill.


His teachers were amazed  by his strength as the monitored this interaction. Cole wanted a turn to pull the tree and Sam hopped on for a ride. Cole tried pulling the tree by the one branch but he discovered it was too heavy. Cole suggested for Oliver to go for a ride while he took pictures of Kelley pulling the tree. Cole stepped into his photographer role and took some action shots.


preschool boy pulling pine tree


The children discovered more ways they could use the trees. Utilizing the wacky posts, we put a fitted sheet over the four posts and made a shelter. Sam suggested to make a tree fort. The teachers helped by leaning the trees against the wacky posts. Logan and Chase ran into the fort excitedly. Sarah ran into the fort and said it was a house. We also made a tree tunnel for the children to crawl and hide in as well. Logan and Brady worked together to make a pretend campfire with snow and hay. “The fire needs more snow”, Logan commented.


The trees have been a welcome addtion to their play.  Each day they use their branches and  the trees in new ways.





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