Fee Fi Fo Fum
February 2020


Natasha introduced the Jack and the Bean stalk song to the children from her time in the school board. The children enjoyed listening to the song and following along with the lyrics. Listening to jack and the bean stalk became a special Incentive after tidy up time. The children started memorizing the song. The teachers observed the children acting out Jack and the bean stalk in their play. The tires were stacked on the wacky posts which invited the children to climb up them. “I’m climbing up the bean stalk”, Sarah exclaimed. Jack, Brady, Cole, Sam, Oliver and Elliot practiced climbing the bean stalk every day. Saraya acted out the role as the Giant. “Fee Fi, Fo, I come.”

Their imaginary play continued into the classroom and they took turns being the giant. Fee, Fi, Fo. fum, exclaimed Sam. “Ah the Giant”, Kane shouted as he ran away. Lisa  had recently brought in some story telling resources,  after the children tidied up, Kelley used Jack and the Beanstalk pieces to tell the story. The whole entire class gathered on the floor and listened to Kelley tell the story. Cole, Logan, Brady and Adelyn wanted turns sticking the story pieces on the wall. Kelley asked questions throughout the story to engage the children’s listening skills.


educator sitting with a group of children.  Cut outs of storybook characters on the wall  telling the story of Jack and the Beanstalk

educator sitting with a group of children using cut outs to tell the story of Jack and the beanstalk

















During lunch time, we had green beans on a day we read Jack and the beanstalk. Many of the children did not want to try their green beans. Natasha referred back to the story and asked the children if they would like to try their Beanstalks. “Beanstalks” Elliot asked? “Yeah, just like in the story”, Natasha commented. “I want to eat Jack and Beanstalks”, Cole replied. When everyone saw Cole eating his beanstalks, the rest of the children at the table ate their beanstalks.

To expand on the children’s interest with Jack and the Beanstalk, we will grow our own beanstalks when the weather starts getting warmer. We will stalk with sprouting Lima beans in zip locks bags on the window. Once those start to sprout, we will transfer it into a cup with soil and measure how big our bean stalks grow.