Jr. Camp

Summer 2019


This summer we have tested many different types of paint, such as tempera and acrylic paint, Puffy Paint (shaving cream and glue), and homemade paint using flour and salt.

We wanted to make our own paint, wondering if we could use natural ingredients. Looking for colourful plants,the group found some purple and pink petunias and yellow an orange marigolds growing in the preschool garden. They were careful and just picked the tops of the petunias and marigolds ensuring they did not step on anything of the corn,tomatoes,and zucchinis in the garden.


young boy picking marigolds


Once all materials were collected the children used a pestal and mortar to crush the flowers. “This one smells like pumpkin” Spencer said as he crushed the marigolds.


young boy using a pestal and motar

They placed the crushed petals in some water and waited until the next day to observe any changes and if their efforts would make paint out of flowers. The children tested each sample, discovering that the marigold mixture made a subtle yellow paint that could be seen when it was dry.


young girl in yellow smock painting on white paper


During another exploration of paint some children suggested we bring paint supplies out to the playground. The children were very excited to participate in an outdoor art experience! We used the wall as an easel, taping a sheet of white paper up for each child. “I feel like a real artist when I stand up to paint!” exclaimed Olivia.


Some children were very social while they were painting, discussing their thought processes and sharing ideas. Others were more in “the zone”, quietly focusing on the process, using very precise motions in their brush strokes.


The children were also made observations of the colour changes that occurred as they dipped their brushes in to the water to rinse them off.


The Jr. Campers are going to finish off their paint project painting some giant cement tubes to use as décor in their houses! We can’t wait to see the finished product!






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