School-age 2

All Owl Soccer game
March 2020


One sunny afternoon, many of the children in group 2 participated in a giant soccer game, that resulted in a tie score of 1-1. Aysia and Oliver were the goalies and Piper was her teams “go-to” defense. Furthermore, each child contributed a sense of belonging to the world around them by positively encouraging, uplifting and cooperating with each other. This soccer game was a great way for the children to work their gross motor skills, be physically active on a beautiful day and work as a team with other children in the program. “Break away, break away, go Ashley!” Piper shouted, enthusiastically to her teammates. Emily F. was so proud when her team scored a goal, she gave our high fives and smiled from ear to ear. The children were given the opportunity to feel positive social leadership skills as well as contributing to their own sense of engagement and well-being. Finally, when problems or disagreements arose the children took initiative to use their own problem solving, cooperation and communication skills to get through.


group of school age children on black top playing soccer school age child kick a ball out their zone        group of children celebrate a successful goal















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