School-age 1

Printing Practice
February 2020


The children in School-age 1 have been honing in on their fine motor skills, especially when participating in artistic activities or fostering their literacy skills while practicing printing.

Autumn sat down at the table with an educator and watched as the educator sharpened some dull pencil crayons. “Can I try?” she asked. “Of course you can” the educator replied. Autumn carefully stuck the pencil crayon into the sharpener while it rested on the table. Autumn turned the pencil around in circles attempting to sharpen it. “Try holding it like this.” Grace said as she held the sharpener in one hand at chest level and the pencil crayon in the other. Autumn tried this strategy and was able to sharpen many of the pencil crayons for the class. She then began drawing pictures along with her peers with the pencil crayons.


school age girl sharpening a pencil crayon


Jessalyn was busy fostering her creativity and fine motor skills. She was utilizing some of the skills she learned from the art class she has been attending. She would look down at her Paw Patrol Chase toy to study it, look back at her paper, and then would draw what she saw using the markers. This demonstrated Jessalyn’s ability to focus, pay attention to detail, and her observational drawing skills.


image of a child  drawing her paw patrol stuffed animal

school-age girl  completing a survey  and  snad























Caryn demonstrated an understanding of literacy and numeracy while using markers to fill out our car survey. She practiced printing the number two. Next she needed to state what colours her cars were. “They are both blue!” Tracey suggested she could help her spell the word blue or she could use a coloured squares. “I’ll colour a square.” Caryn chose. She carefully drew the lines of the squares with her blue marker and then coloured them in solid. Using the writing utensils in our group is not just about what colour it is. It provides the children the opportunity for engagement and to express themselves. They are able to practice their printing which enables them to enhance their language and literacy skills. The list can go on and on. Where do writing utensils take you and your family?






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