Fruit Salad. Yummy! Yummy!
October 2019


The toddlers are often observed in the dramatic play area eating, cooking or serving food to each other. To further this interest, we decided to do a cooking activity. We asked all the toddler families to bring in a fruit of their choice and by the end of the week we had a good selection of different fruit. There were apples, watermelon, blueberries, bananas, grapes, oranges, kiwi and watermelon. Such a yummy assortment of fruit.

The morning of the activity, all the fruit was gathered in a pile. Reeve decided that the fruit looked delicious and could not wait for the afternoon to come that he picked an apple up off of the counter and started enjoying its deliciousness (not to worry, we did not use the chewed apple in the activity). The toddlers gathered around the counter labeling off the types of fruit that they saw. Nolan proudly labelled and pointed to the fruit that he brought to everyone. “Apple, I bring Apples.” “I see banana,” Reeve told his friends. Levi pointed to the blueberries and told everyone, “I like blueberries.”
The time had come to make our fruit salad. Courtney gathered the materials (plate, knife, cutting board and bowl) together and sat down at the table. The toddlers dropped what they were currently playing with and gathered around her. Courtney went through the materials with the toddlers so they knew what they were. She also talked about how the knife is sharp and that we only use a knife with our mommies or daddies or educators.

Each toddler was given an option of what fruit they would like to help cut. As they sat beside Courtney, they did hand over hand, cut up the fruit, and placed it into the bowl. Nolan and Taegan chose the apples to cut up, Sylvie, Penny, Levi, Ada, and Malcom chose the banana. Before they could cut up the banana they had to peel it, Courtney showed them how to start it and then they peeled the peel off. When it was time to cut up the oranges, Reeve, Nolan, and Penny worked using their fine motor skills to peel the orange. When they had peeled a piece they held it up in the air and shouted, “I did it!” Raya, Taegan, Levi, and Malcom chose the grapes next. The grapes were harder to cut as they were a lot smaller than the other fruit that was cut up. As Malcolm cut he would repeat after Courtney, “cut, cut.” When it was time for the watermelon, Sutton became really excited as she recognized the container from her house. “Mine, mine,” she shouted to Courtney.” She looked very proud as she cut the watermelon up to put in the container. Peyton helped Courtney cut up a kiwi and placed in the bowl, Peyton waved and said, “bye bye,” to it.
When the fruit was all cut up and mixed together we sat down at the table to enjoy our hard work. As we ate together we sang the fruit salad song from the Wiggles with some of us rubbing our bellies in agreement that yes it was indeed yummy yummy.


A toddler girl is helping cut up fruit with a female toddler educator for fruit salad.


A toddler boy is peeling an orange for fruit salad.

A toddler girl is helping a toddler educator cut up fruit for fruit salad.

Two toddlers boys are sitting at a table eating fruit salad that they helped make.







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