Climbing into Spring
March 2020


One day during outside time one of the Educators decided to bring out one of our toddlers favourite activities she has done with them. The toddlers gathered around excited and curious as they watched step by step the creation of the tire pyramid being assembled.


Tires were brought out one by one and laid in line side by side, then stacked on top of each other. The toddlers stood so patiently waiting to see what it was that was being created, the educators explained step by step as the tire pyramid reached the top. In between each layer of tires Elaine put a board to ensure safety and steadiness of the tires, after the pyramid was finished Educator Angela asked how are you going to make the slide? Building with what nature has to offer us, Elaine went over and picked up two boards that were the same width and length. The toddlers grew more and more excited once the two boards were laid against the tires and a heavy speed bump was put in front of the boards to hold in place.




Our toddlers love to climb; climbing allows children to improve their coordination and motor skills. The methods used in climbing can help a child’s cognitive development through problem solving, memory and feelings of fear can be motivation as they experience a sense of self through climbing. When the toddlers began to climb some found it easy to climb up the tires and did it rather quickly, this was due to the height of the toddlers and their skill set of using their motor skills. Some toddlers needed a helping hand to climb up the tires as their height was against them and couldn’t reach the next tire. A couple of the toddlers displayed fear of going down the slide and required a hand to go down a couple times, after becoming comfortable they only needed help climbing the tires and down the slide they went.


Adding the tire pyramid for the toddlers to practice their skills will benefit their social interaction and self-esteem as the toddlers feel a sense of pride and continue to accomplish their skill set.