Preschool 2

Our Walks In Fall
October 2019


The trees are changing colours, the air is getting colder, and the days are getting shorter. All these signs tell us something... fall is here and winter is approaching. More than a month has passed since our new families have started and we are very happy to see how our new preschoolers have slowly adjusted to the routines.


We started our neighbourhood exploration by going to Moses Spring Park. For this walk, our more experienced preschoolers were paired with the younger ones giving them the opportunity to be leaders and to share their experience. We left with the hopes on finding some animals, as we were getting closer to the bridge our hopes were fading away, no dogs, birds, or squirrels. We then decided to check out the new playground added to the park. We discovered a new and bigger playground and lots of leaves on the bicycle track. On the other side of the stream, Ella spotted a squirrel and Avery some birds as it is more of a bush area. As we were getting closer to the bridge, again, we started to hear the stream running down. We stopped on the bridge to search for some ducks, which usually swim around, but not luck again. So we enjoyed exploring the sound of our own footsteps over the wood. When we went back to the centre we found a group of geese right by our parking lot! As we got closer to the geese, they flew away and left us very disappointed. However, the excitement of running up and down the hill brought back the smiles to our faces. What a great way to finish our first walk!


It was a misty rain for our second walk, but this didn’t stop us from going on another adventure. As we walked towards Ellis Street, children got busy catching water drops with their tongues. Half way up, children noticed a different sound of water. We stopped to look around trying to figure out what it was. Finally, Nathan solved the enigma. “It’s the water falling down,” he said as he pointed to the sewer. For a few minutes we talked about where the water was coming from and why the sound was louder as it goes inside the sewer and then continued our walk. On our way back, we decided to leave the sidewalk and go by the community garden. There, children could see some tomato plants, corn, beans, squash, and potatoes. We compared the sizes of this garden with our garden box in the playground. We concluded our box was smaller, but agreed that the beans we had eaten from it were yummy.


We needed to buy some materials for a mini project we are working on, so we took the opportunity to make this our third walk. By now the children were able to identify their designated buddies and looked for each other to hold hands. As we walked down the street, Landen noticed how the sun stopped shining on us. Nidya asked him if they knew the reason; after thinking about it, he and Everley concluded that the sun was hiding behind the building we were walking by. We made it to the corner of the street and stopped to remember the rules of crossing the street. Children easily identify that red means stop and green go and some of them pointed out that the “white person” should be on for us to go. At the plaza we went to the dollar store to buy our materials. After finding the items, children lined up and gave them to the sales person. People were impressed on how respectful our preschoolers were and this of course made the educators very proud.


Walking around the neighbourhood isn’t only about getting some exercise, but an opportunity to learn about the natural world. In every walk there is always something new to explore; children use their listening skills to notice interesting sounds like water, animals, leaves getting crushed, etc. As children follow instructions such as “stay behind,” “look in front,” “stay within the choo choo train,” “follow the person in front of you,” they become aware of the position of themselves in the space and in relation to other things around them. They also develop the sense of perception and other concepts regarding spatial awareness.


A collage of photos with preschool children walking through a field with preschool staff.


A collage of photos inclueing preschool children on a walk with preschool staff through a park.


A collage of photos that include several preschool children shopping with preschool staff in a dollar store.





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