Preschool 2

We All Scream for Ice Cream
March 2020


This month in the Lincoln Road Preschool Two Room the children have been more than happy to demonstrate a willingness to share their belongings. To engage in this idea, Kaitlin shared her favourite Gerald and Piggy book, Should I Share My Ice cream? In this story, Gerald the elephant is conflicted and can’t decide if he wants to share his ice cream with his best friend. Throughout the story, Gerald expressed many different emotions which the children classified as happy and sad. “what do you do when you’re sad?” Kaitlin asked, “you cry” Adelaide shared with the group. “You cry like this. Wah wah” said Reeve, he then raised his hands up to face and flicked his wrists up and down and pretended to cry. The children and Kaitlin also discussed if they felt if it was hard or easy to share sometimes. “I like to share with my sister,” Adelaide said with a smile. From beginning to end the children were able to recognize simple emotions as well as discuss more complicated ones. Upon seeing Gerald sweating from nervousness, a debate began between Wills and Levi regarding how Gerald was feeling. Wills states “he is crying,” acknowledging that what he was seeing was tears. “No, he isn’t,” Levi says noticing the sweat marks on his forehead instead of his eyes. By reading this book the children were able to express what they knew about recognizing emotions in themselves and others.

After we read Should I Share My Ice Cream? Kaitlin and the children extended their learning by using construction paper to make ice cream cones and a small rubber ball to act as a scoop of ice cream. The children sat in a circle and began to pass the ball from one ice cream cone to another. This activity supported their fine motor skills by allowing them to use the different muscles in their hands. Often times the children were able to pass the ball easily, but sometimes the ball would get stuck inside of the cone. This prompted the children to begin shaking the cone to get the ball unstuck. When it was Evan’s turn, the ball became stuck in his cone. He shook his cone, but the ball remained stuck. Rather than use his hands to remove the ball and pass it to the child beside him, Evan held his cone upside down atop of Kael’s cone and began to squeeze his hands. This dislodged the ball and it fell into Kael’s cone and the children were able to continue their game. By squeezing instead of using his hands, Evan demonstrated his problem-solving skills as well as fine more skills. Through this activity, the children’s cognition and special awareness were tested. Leon demonstrated spatial awareness and ability to identify the next steps. “Pass it to Ella” Leon encouraged her, seeing that Emily was unsure of which direction to continue the game. Emily then turned to her left and dumped the ball into Ella’s ice cream cone. During the game, Kaitlin noticed Nathan began pretending to take bites of his ice cream cone as he waited for his turn to pass the ball. “What flavour is your ice cream cone?” Kaitlin asked him “Lemonade,” he said back. This exchange allowed the children to think of what their ice cream cones tasted like and express their imaginative learning throughout the game.