Preschool 1

Bean Bag Colour Matching
March 2020


The Preschool 1 children engaged in a bean bag matching where they challenged their mathematical skills and gross motor skills as they categorized and sorted the bean bags to the corresponding colour on the floor. This challenge consisted of tape coloured construction paper on the floor, as well as 3 challenge lines where the child stands and tosses the bean bags onto the corresponding colours. As the children tossed the bean bags they would say each of the colours, and attempt to throw it to the matching colour on the floor. As they were doing this, it showed their interest in the various colours by starting with the colour they liked the most. The children showed patience as they waited for their turn to throw the bean bags. As they waited they cheered on their peers saying “Go ‘name’ Go!” This displayed teamwork skills and social skills as they supported their peers as they played. During this time of play, the children were observed throwing the bean bags in various different ways. Some of the children such as Asal threw over hand, where Omar threw underhand. Another technique observed was Rory getting down lower to the ground to get a better view of the colours that were on the floor. This showed that trying different techniques will help get a better understanding on what works best to get the bean bag to the various corresponding colours on the floor. By engaging in such an activity the children enhanced their gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and social skills as they played. Great job preschoolers with showing support to your preschool peer hard work during this activity!





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