Making Music
October 2019



As part of our Sound Project, the children were asked to bring in their favourite instrument from home. Homer had a keyboard, Cohan brought a xylophone and bells, Logan brought a maraca, Kate had an orange shaker, a bee shaker and drum sticks, and Ari brought in a homemade drum consisting of a metal bowl and a spatula. What fun!


Abby L. got right into experimenting as she found Cohan’s xylophone right away, and banged on it with a drumstick. She spent much time with this instrument! Cohan, Markus, Abby B., and Ari congregated around the keyboard first. Abby B. started to sing “ABC,” which prompted Melody to sing it too and soon the children were dancing along to the lyrics, and the beats that were happening.
When Markus found the bee shaker, Melody sang, “Itsy Bitsy bumblebee, won’t you shake your shaker for me?” as he continued to shake it during her song with a smile.


The other instruments were also experimented with by all the children. Markus banged 2 sticks together to make a fun loud sound. Then Logan tried it too. Melody played songs on the keyboard. We heard “Hot Cross Buns,” “Are you sleeping?” and “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Cohan was so interested in seeing Melody’s hands that he put his hand on top of hers to feel the movements that she made along with her.


We had different beats going as background sounds (such as pop, rock, and R&B) with fast and slow tempos being heard. We also listened to different instrument sounds when the children pressed the guitar, trumpet, violin, etc. buttons. When the keys were pressed, those sounds were heard in various notes. So much was happening all at once that the children were so intrigued!


When the children moved on to explore other things in the room, Abby L. knew it was a great chance for her to explore all the instruments on her own. She tried the keyboard, xylophone, and a stick on bells (like the triangle). When she shook a shaker, Melody sang, “Shake it Abby shake it.” This motivated Abby B. to shake something too and they shook their own instruments together.


We had such a great time learning how the instruments work as we created new sounds!


An infant girl is playing a xylophone along side a female conestoga college student.


An infant boy is shaking some bells.

A female infant educator is sitting with an infant boy and an infant girl who are pressing keys on a keyboard.

An infant boy is shaking a shaker.





















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