Drink Tray Exploration
March 2020


Celine wondered what would happen when she gave the children carry out drink trays!


Celine placed out the carry out trays in the middle of the room. As the children have enjoyed stacking and knocking over towers built with different blocks. Celine thought what would happen if we placed a stack of carry out drink trays on the floor.

When the children saw the trays they were unsure what to do with them, Alex and Ari started to carry them around the classroom.


After Ari went over to Shannon placing one on her head and watched it balance. This intrigued the other children, turning this activity into making them into hats. Alex put one on his own head; Elliot crawled over and tried to place one on top of Celine’s head. Melody placed ribbons on to one of the trays and put it on her head showing the children how to have it stay on their heads. Marianna went over and used her pincer grasp to try and pulling the ribbons apart. Ari found this funny and used his sign “help” to try it on himself. Melody placed the hat on Ari’s head he turned around with a huge smile on his face looking so proud of himself. Maya saw the children placing them on their heads this got her to place one on her head. She took her time placing it so gently making sure it would balance on the top of her head.


Shannon and Celine also showed the children how they could stack the trays on top of each other to build a tower. Jayden, Alex and Ari enjoyed coming over to the towers and knocking them over and giggled as the trays fell to the ground. Maya came over and would pick up a tray one at a time stacking them, if one wasn’t in right she would sign “help” and wait for someone to pass one to her. Once her tower was build she stood up with a smile and knocked it over.


What a way to take trays and turn them into such a great learning experience. They were able to use the enveloping schema by placing the trays over their heads. Balancing by getting the trays to either stay on their heads or stacked in a tower. This also allowed them to use their gross motor skills with carrying a stack of the trays around the room and knocking over the towers. The children also engaged in social interactions when sharing and building with the trays.





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