Reconnecting With Nature
October 2019


It all began when we took a walk to the forest and pond area beside our centre. On our walk, we noticed a very large tree. Debbie picked a leaf and gave it to Leo C., who carried it with him for the rest of the walk. Shirley, our volunteer, told us it was an Oak tree leaf! We decided that we will go back and visit the tree so we can observe the changes throughout the seasons. On our walk, we stopped at a small forest where many of the children wanted to collect pine cones. Logan, Maya, and Chi Chi helped to carry pine cones back to the centre.


 Children observe the pond area


The next day, we painted the pine cones with red paint and the children practiced using their fine motor skills using small paint brushes to paint the small grooves and details on the pine cones. We continued implementing nature into our creative experiences by doing a tissue paper leaf collage. Sierra cut out leaf shaped pieces of tissue paper and the children glued them onto their own paper. Vincent loved exploring the leaves. He scrunched them up and peeled them off his paper even after he glued them down. Many of the children watched closely as their glue dripped off of their spreaders onto their paper, and moved their hands slowly in the air to watch the glue create swirls on their paper.


On the playground, the children found many acorns lying on the ground. The children collected acorns many times and kept them in buckets or made big piles on the table! Jonah found a large pile of acorns one day and he decided to transfer all of them into a hole in a stump he found. This encouraged Debbie to implement a “tape bracelet” activity, where the children got to stick nature items onto the tape and then on their arm. It turned into putting tape on our wacky posts and sticking items to that instead, since many children did not want a bracelet.


 A child shows a leaf they found


Outside, we also did leaf imprinting. Debbie put leaves underneath a large piece of paper and Kai, Maya, Emmett, and Chi Chi spent lots of time using their crayons on the paper, rubbing them back and forth on their side. A few days later we experimented with imprinting other objects outdoors, such as the tree bark on the stumps, the fake grass on the table, and even the brick on the side of our centre!


 Children are doing trunk rubbings


The children have also been engaging with our sensory bottles quite a bit, so Chase decided to create a nature sensory bottle. Outside, the children collected sticks and leaves and took turns using a funnel to pour bird seed in the bottle. Maya carried the bottle around with her, shook it and looked to see what was inside it. A few days later, we made a nature sensory bin for the children to explore inside. There were coloured fake leaves, acorns and pine cones. Jaxson, Fynn, and Kai loved to throw the leaves up in the air and watch them fall.


 Children explore a sensory bin


In order to continue our interest in nature, we plan on continuing our walks to the forest to observe how our oak tree changes colour throughout the seasons. In addition, we are planning on finding songs and stories that relate to nature that will help us better understand the qualities of nature!





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