School-age 4

Hand Washing
March 2020


This month within SA4, with Covid-19 grasping the world’s attention and fears we have sat the group down to encourage proper hand washing as well as helping ease any stresses they may have been feeling.


When the world first began to talk about covid-19 each child of our group seemed to know about it but also brush off any worry or effects it held over others. Yet as time went on and we began into March they began to take notice how serious things were becoming. We frequently would remind them to wash their hands, not to share food, and to have as little contact with each other’s faces as possible.


One afternoon we sat down and discussed if everyone knew the proper way of washing their hands and quickly hands went into the air. “With soap for a minute,” Kate shouted out, “Sing the ABC’s,” Lucy added. Quickly the conversation built and we agreed they had heard the proper way of washing their hands and sent them off for snack. Catriona and Gary watched as they would go to the sink, sing their ABC’s or Happy Birthday song and wash up for snack. Quickly after snack was served though we noticed one thing: everyone had washed their hands, good. But they were eating their snack and moving pieces from the trail mix they didn’t like and would pass them to their peer to eat. Taking notice Gary quickly spoke up and yelled, “Stop! What did you just do?” he asked Marcus, who giggled and replied, “I traded the piece I didn’t like to Chinaza.” Both boys giggled in confusion. Gary then explained that he had observed them and another two friends do the same thing. He then explained, “As you’re eating, your putting food into your mouth then touching the pieces of food and giving them to your friend who is then about to put them into their mouth.” The group all looked at each other with a realization of what was happening. “We all need to go wash again,” said Lucy as she ran to the sink. Quickly each member of the group pushed away their snack and went to wash, asking for fresh new snack as Catriona was already clearing the table.


Luckily we stopped this before anyone ate any of the food, but were able to flip it to a learning opportunity for them to realize yes, you may wash up before you eat but as soon as you start eating, you should not touch and give any food to another person. You are directly putting any germ they had into your mouth and immune system, “quickly spreading viruses like Corona,” as Marcus put it.


We hope everyone can learn from this experience and keeping our hands clean is the least you can do to help prevent the spread of germs.








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