School-age 3

Mr. Potato Head Makeover
October 2019


During the month of October, the children in SA3 have been exploring different arts and crafts. “Can we have playdough soon?” asked Lisa.


So Vanessa decided to make a few batches of coloured playdough but instead of giving the children rollers and cookie cutters she brought out a big bin of Mr. Potato Head body parts. “What are we going to do without bodies?” Gwen asked “Make them yourselves,” Vanessa replied.


That is when the children’s true creative nature began to show. The first order of business was for Gwen to get a few pieces of each colour and start mixing them together. “I am making a rainbow,” she proudly declared. Gwen seemed to enjoy mixing the colours together and every time she looked up she smiled. Once she had the perfect body she began to select the different arms, feet, and parts to make her creation. Once she was finished, Gwen was proud of the work she had done.


While Gwen was working away, Gavin was very patiently rolling a long thick log of dough. It was so big Gavin soon realized that one pair of feet was not enough. “It keeps falling to one side,” he said. Gavin then dug out a few more feet to steady his monster. He added hands, eyes, and a nose. “It’s all done,” he said, showing it off to his friends while grinning from ear to ear. Lisa used some feet she found to create her body and then she enjoyed making different faces and telling her friends about the expressions that she had done. “I like making them look different, I think they are pretty,” Lisa said to everyone, while holding up her creation with a grin. Colton took some time to come over to the table. “I don’t know what to make,” he said. He sat for a bit just mixing some playdough and digging through the bin. Finally, he started to shape a round body that he decided to smash down and form into an oval. Colton then added his eyes, ears and more dough for the spots on his pets back. When he brought it over to show Vanessa and Kim he was grinning and talking quickly while he introduced us to his pet, “This is Buddy, like my hamster, he likes to sit on my shoulder and go places with me.” Colton then went off to find a container for his pet to live in. Ali was working hard on his second creation when mom came to pick him up. “Awe, I’m not ready to go yet,” he said. So mom came in and sat at the table with Ali and helped him create his monster. Ali smiled and he was able to engage in a conversation with his mom as they created together.



Often we become used to using what we have in a specific way. Playdough has special toys such as “knives”, cookie cutters, rollers, and other specific items that are just for playdough. In our classroom we try to challenge the children to explore what they have and use it in new ways. By combining the dough with Mr. Potato Head parts they were able to do just that- make their own creations and monsters. Finding ways to expand on the play and imagination of children can sometimes be a challenge but when we do, the rewards are endless hours of play and learning. And in case you were wondering- after one afternoon we no longer had three rainbow colours we had one neat shade of purple- but that’s another story!


Child has creation on his shoulder

Child works with yellow playdough

Child holds up her playdough creation



















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