School-age 3

Busy Builders
March 2020


This month we have been busy builders! As Vanessa and Kim noticed that the children have thoroughly enjoyed working on creating with Lincoln logs, magnetic pieces and Kinex, they decided to present them with something new to try -- small wooden planks! Within the first few days of us having the planks, the children were busy collaborating their ideas of what they should do. Their first idea was to try and build a tower. 


“I want to see if we can make it as high as the roof,” said Gwendolyn. She began by placing the pieces lengthwise on their sides and began to build the tower up. “Lily come help me,” she said as she placed the base down. After joining Gwendolyn, they both got busy building up the tower. Once they had used about half of the blocks, Charlie and Gavin joined in. “You have to be careful, please.” Lily told them as they joined in on building. Together, they took turns placing one block at a time until the tower was completed and they were satisfied with the results. They cheered for their own accomplishment. 


“Wait, is it taller than Vanessa?” asked Charlie as he looked between the tower and Vanessa. “Stand next to the tower, please,” he called out. Vanessa then walked over to the tower and stood next to it. “Wow, we built it taller than her!” “You all worked well together and cooperated with each other’s instructions. Thank you for being respectful to each other,” said Vanessa. Afterwards, Gwendolyn instructed the others to get chairs and place them around the tower. “What are the chairs for?” asked Vanessa. “I don’t want it to fall down. I want to show my mom!” Charlie, Gavin, Lily and Gwendolyn sat in the chairs, telling those who passed the tower to be careful and not to knock it over.


Unfortunately, while waiting a child’s foot knocked over the tower. The children were not discouraged, but eager to work together again to rebuild the tower before any of their parents came to pick them up. As they started, Charlie spoke up, “Wait, what if we counted the pieces to see how many we used to make the whole tower?” “Yeah! I want to know how many pieces there are and how many it took to build the tower,” said Lily. Gavin began taking the pieces they had started to build and put them into the pile of fallen wooden planks. Together, they passed the pieces to each other and counted out the pieces until they got their total number. “Kim! There’s 112 pieces altogether.” “Wow, that’s a lot of blocks you guys used to build. Are you going to remake your tower?” Kim asked. “Yeah! Let’s make it quickly,” said Gwendolyn as she picked up a pile of blocks and started their tower again. Gavin, Charlie and Lily did the same thing as Gwendolyn and began their turn taking while making the tower again. This time, they were careful to not move their feet in a manner that would cause the tower to fall down again. They were filled with pride as they completed their tower together again.


To see them cooperatively working together to reach their goal of the tall tower while talking about any issues they met along the way was a great thing to watch. They gained knowledge in how to problem as well as figuring out the best method to build the tower initially. We can’t wait to build together again!