School-age 2

Be Our Customer!
March 2020


Since February, a McDonald’s restaurant has been present in our children’s play. The children have enjoyed creating McDonald’s menus and cooking food for sale. As time went by, their interest moved from making money to cooking and selling food. Therefore, we decided to build our own McDonald’s restaurant for the children to enhance their dramatic play experience. We prepared a large piece of card board for the big construction. Here is how we created our own McDonald restaurant:


We imagined and shared our ideas about the design of our McDonald’s and drew a door and window on the card board. For the door Nolan said, “We should put the tape at the top of the door so it swings when we go in and out.” Then, Shannon helped make the door and window with scissors. Next, the children wrote “McDonald’s” on the front and drew some pictures such as ice cream, hamburgers, or Happy Meal toys. Jennis drew a McDonald’s symbol on the door and Anika, Emmett, Taylor and Jack decorated the walls by drawing a collage. When the restaurant was done and installed at the cubby area in our classroom, Taylor shouted, “Wow! This is so cool!” The store construction members went into the card board McDonald’s restaurant all together and took pictures of the memorable moment of completion. The next step was the interior construction. The children put a desk and a chair inside the store and arranged food ingredients on them. Anika and Jennis wrote the menus on the mini blackboard. At last, they became ready to open their restaurant!


Along with opening the restaurant, Landon, Timo and Renata became McDonald's staff. Some friends came to buy hamburgers and drinks. The most popular menu item was the Happy Meal. The staff did not forget to add the accompanied toys. At first, there were many customers at a time, but the staff and customers were not hurried. Instead, the customers patiently waited for their turn and the crew served food with smile. When Renata was given an order of a Latte from Hope, she smiled and said, “Sorry, we don’t have it.” Later on, the restaurant hired some new staff and opened a Drive Thru to meet their customers’ needs. The first Drive Thru order was a hot chocolate. Kai received the order and served it in a real McDonald’s cup, which had been donated to Shannon from the McDonald’s on Fischer-Hallman. When the customer asked the price, Kai said, “It’s free.” The customer was happy and said, “Oh! Thank you. Have a nice day!” Kai responded, “You, too!”


As the children’s experience of Macdonald’s continued, the children were able to enhance their social and communication skills as they shared their ideas and cooperated for the construction and decoration. Also, the children created a beautiful McDonald’s store and menu board using their artistic imagination and strong concentration abilities. Then, they added marketing skills they had learned in the real world. We will be back soon with a big extended story!





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