Preschool 2

March 2020


The children have been very curious about why they have to wash their hands often and well. This is has been a big topic for quite some time so Jenny decided to ask the children, “What do you know about germs?” Greyson responded and said, “Germs are dirty, and you have to wash your hands.” Zahra K. said, “They can get into people’s bodies; you have to wash your hands.” Simon said, “We wash and dry our hands after we go on the toilet!” Leonara said, “We need to wash our hands with soap!” We have tried to explain that we have germs on our hands and those germs can get us sick. For a fun and informative way to learn about how germs work, we did a glitter experiment where we had a pan with warm water and added a lot of glitter. Then Jenny had asked the children to take turns to dip their hands into the water with the glitter in it. The first volunteer was Zahra; she rolled up her sleeves and dipped her hand in. Then Jenny explained, “All that glitter is fake germs,” so each child got a turn to dip their hands. We had done two kinds of glitter to see which one would stick better: gold and silver - the gold stuck better onto their hands.


Jenny said to the children, “Okay, let’s wash our hands now to see what happens.” They came back and as Zahra looked at her hands, Jenny asked, “Did all the germs come off?” She looked down at her hands, looked up and said, “Oh, no,” as she ran off to the washroom to re-wash her hands. While waiting for Zahra, Greyson came running to Jenny, “Look at my hands! The germs is off!” As Jenny inspected his hands and showed him that there was a bit of glitter still left, he also ran off to re-wash his hands. Simon also went to wash his hands he asked, “Look at my hands Jenny, did all the germs come off?” After two washes and singing Happy Birthday, they managed to take all the glitter off.


To think about what germs are after using the glitter, we wanted to see what germs may look like on our hands. We challenged the children to draw a picture of what they think germs actually look like. Zahra started creating and showed Jenny, “This is what a bacteria looks like.” She had designed a few different types of bacteria. Simon said “This is a cool germ, this germ has eyes and a mouth.” Jeremy said, “I have to get the stem cell.” As he proceeded to create he said, “My germs got stuck in the spider web.” At this point none of the children had seen what a bacteria or a germ looked like. Using the iPad, we researched to see what germs looked like and to the children’s surprise a few of them had a very similar drawing to the pictures of germs.


Finally, we talked about the actual definition of germs. says, “The term "germs" refers to the microscopic bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa that can cause disease.” Jenny explained that it can make us sick when we do not wash our hands. The children got a sense of what germs is and why it’s important to wash our hands so we do not get each other sick. They felt a sense of accomplishment and joy when they were able to remove all of the glitter/germs off their hands.


Children stick their hands in glitter

Children show their hands

A child puts their hand in glitter













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